I'm With You

Mike Banta -- Im With You

Some of you have been looking for the reissue of the Fire CD.  Instead, we've done a new CD  -- I'm With You.  This CD includes some favorites from the original CD, remixed, as well as brand new songs.

As Mike says, ""While I have always been happy with the songs and performances on my first CD, I've always felt like they could have been better presented. Amazingly, the entire original mix was done in under 2 days! The result was that a lot of the real impact of the songs was buried by that original mix. We spent over a year remixing this CD, and we believe the results are incredible. I'm glad that these songs are getting the treatment they need to make them fully effective for ministry, as well as truly enjoyable to listen to."  Mike played most instruments on this CD, and was joined by Don & Wendy Francisco on background vocals, Pam Banta on flute, and others.

Featured on this album is the track "Rocket Ship", a humorous look at Mike's fascination with cartoon spaceships as a child, as well as the encouraging "No Stones to Throw" and the rock anthem "Stand". For instrumental fans, we've included "Loves Light Dawning" and "Shores of Forever".

Track List
Love's Light Dawning (instrumental)
No Stones to Throw ***
Rocket Ship
I'm With You
Your Father Still Loves You
China Road
Forever With You
Shores of Forever