Newsletter, November 2012


Some thoughts from the 2012 US Elections:

Well, here we are.  Half of us are ecstatic, half of us are dejected.  There have been passionate arguments from both sides, and truly, nobody really won.  Nothing fundamental about our nation has changed.

I’d like to suggest a way out of this.  This may seem naïve or Pollyanna to some, but I choose to look for a good future.  Those of you who know me well understand that I have a deep faith and confidence in God, and that by His grace we are transformed, moved and empowered to be far more than what we could be on our own:

1. If you're rich and powerful, remember that you carry great responsibility.  If you don't like being over legislated, don't abuse your position. Your God inspired creativity, resourcefulness and integrity is worth more than that.

2. If you're living with need, remember that a handout is at best a temporary stopgap.  If you don't like where you are, your good decisions are the best resource you have to make your life better.  Your God inspired choices will transform you.

3. Remember those who lay helpless outside the walls. Don't rely on government alone to care for those who have no ability to care for themselves.  Defend those who cannot defend themselves.  Speak for those who have had their voice taken from them.  Your God inspired compassion builds a sustainable hope that no one can dash to the ground.