mike banta

This CD is an all instrumental outing from Mike, featuring fingerstyle, jazz, and rock stylings on both acoustic and electric guitar. Joining Mike on this CD are Shawn Hannson on drums, CJ Lewis on keyboards, and Michael Olsen on acoustic and electric bass.

"This instrumental CD is soothing, like a bath for an exhausted body.  Styles of classical married with a profound orchestrated build that breaks into funky electric guitar solo's complimented by a soulful organ.  From mysterious to worshipful, Mike creates a rare variety of emotions using his guitars as vocals emulating his passion.  Very talented and superbly produced." -- Phantom Tollbooth, 4 1/2 out of 5 tocks

Track List:

Just a Quiet Word
The Yearning
Battle Won
Word of Life

There Are No Words
From Everlasting
Through the Glass ***
Word (Edgewise)